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Kalen Jamison is 21 years old born and raised in Memphis, TN. She’s always had a passion for dance and started when she was 10 at Germanshire Elementary and has been dancing ever since. She’s worked with former NBA dancers and Coaches who’ve made made a name for themselves. Kalen has been trained in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Majorette, Cheer, and has recently taken on Heels. She started dancing/training with The Goods Experience where she is known as “K1” in July 2017 and became her assistant in May. She then ventured out to showcasing her own Choreography and held her first Heels class in November. Her goals are to continue to grow and learn from others, take different style classes, move to LA and continue her training to possibly dance for major artists on tour and to open her own studio space.

Wednesday Nights at 2Much Dance Studio 

5910 MT. Moriah Rd STE 110


Kailyn, aka K2, is an 19 year old Memphis based all around dancer. She has trained in different aspects of dance such as hip hop, cheer, majorette, African, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and added heels to her background in 2017. She has trained in different studios by the names of Dance 411 in Atlanta, Viseral Dance Company in Chicago, Millennium Dance Company in Los Angeles, and even Alvin Ailey in New York. K2 also has taken classes from choreographers who have danced/choreographed for artists by the names of Madonna, Beyoncé and more. K2 joined The Goods Experience October 8, 2017 and has been consistent with classes ever since. K2 became a TGE assistant on June 24, 2018 and she has been a great asset to the company. She taught her first ever hip hop class October 29, 2018 with TGE and it was amazing. Hip Hop has been her favorite dance style for as long as she can remember and we are so glad that she is beginning to train others. Her goals are to not only graduate college, but to travel the world and dance and even open her own studio somewhere in the near future.

Thursday Nights at 2Much Dance Studio

5910 MT. Moriah Rd STE 110

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